In this section, I will try to add the fastest replays for each level and ship that I've received from you or that I've played myself (my signature is Popolon):
Shadow Runner V-Panther 2 X-Terminator
1 McBain(0:07:52) rpl McBain(0:07:88) rpl McBain(0:08:76) rpl
2 McBain(0:08:35) rpl McBain(0:08:71) rpl McBain(0:09:82) rpl
3 McBain(0:08:47) rpl McBain(0:08:51) rpl McBain(0:08:58) rpl
4 McBain(0:15:24) rpl McBain(0:15:44) rpl McBain(0:17:69) rpl
5 McBain(0:18:86) rpl McBain(0:19:09) rpl McBain(0:20:82) rpl
6 McBain(0:14:49) rpl McBain(0:16:45) rpl McBain(0:18:52) rpl
7 McBain(0:20:75) rpl McBain(0:22:64) rpl McBain(0:29:91) rpl
8 McBain(0:17:47) rpl McBain(0:17:58) rpl McBain(0:20:86) rpl
9 McBain(0:37:45) rpl McBain(0:40:59) rpl McBain(1:12:43) rpl
10 Popolon(1:06:69) rpl Popolon(1:02:56) rpl Popolon(1:17:65) rpl
11 Popolon(1:36:30) rpl McBain(1:32:28) rpl Popolon(1:58:18) rpl
12 Popolon(2:31:21) rpl Popolon(3:38:79) rpl Popolon(3:42:69) rpl
13 Popolon(4:38:60) rpl Popolon(5:36:31) rpl Popolon(6:12:40) rpl
14 Popolon(2:47:27) rpl Popolon(4:03:12) rpl Popolon(3:44:22) rpl
15 Popolon(1:35:68) rpl MadChema(1:58:53) rpl Popolon(1:36:12) rpl

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