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The Remake

The remake of "Magical Tree" has been developed with the aim of testing the game engine specifically designed to run "The Maze of Galious 2". It is trying to be a clone of the original "Magical Tree" game for the MSX presented by KONAMI. Additionally the remake presents some new features such as a 2 player mode.

You can see some screenshots here (notice that these screenshots are taken from a development version, therefore everything may change in the final version):


The Original Game

The original "Magical Tree" game was presented by KONAMI in 1984, and was only released for the MSX computer. See some screenshots here:


You can see here some photos of the original covers and cartridge (click the covers to enlarge the pictures):




Here you wil find the latest downloads:

Magical Tree (demo 4) (3744KB)



On the BRAIN GAMES forum, you can read a lot of info about "Magical Tree". Also, if you find any bugs in the remake, or you want to suggest improvements for the remake, or just want to have a nice chat, the forum is the place to go!

You can access the "Magical Tree" specific forum here or the general BRAIN GAMES forum here



The credits for this remake go to:



This is the unofficial remake of Konami's "Magical Tree" which was originally released in 1984 for the MSX home computer systems. Making sure that Konami won't sue us, we are telling you that we are not related to Konami in any way except for liking their excellent games. Also, this is a not-for-profit remake. So, we don't get any money from remaking this or any other Konami titles.