In this page you will find some games (mainly remakes) coded by the brain games team!.

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XSpelunker (MSX)


XSpelunker (MSX)

A Spelunky-inspired platformer with permadeath and precedurally generated levels running on MSX1 computers!



Tales of Popolon (MSX)


Tales of Popolon (MSX)

An action/adventure game using a 3D raycasting engine running on MSX1 computers!



Transball (MSX)


Transball (MSX)

A remake of Super Transball 2 for MSX!



Transball GL


Transball GL (Last updated 5-August-2016)

Good old fashioned Transball gameplay, updated features and graphics, 11 different ships to play with, integrated map editor!




The Goonies


The Goonies - 20th anniversary (Last updated April-12-2009)

This is the remake of another Konami classic: The Goonies. It has been presented to the RETRO-REMAKES competition 2006.


STATUS: IN DEVELOPMENT (almost complete)


F-1 Spirit


F-1 Spirit (Last updated April-12-2009)

This is the remake of another Konami classic: F-1SPIRIT. It was presented to the RETRO-REMAKES competition 2004 and finished on 13th place. out of 73 contestants.




Magical Tree
Magical Tree Remake (Last updated 20-06-2004)

This is the remake of another Konami classic: Magical Tree. It's still in development, but you can download a demo version (about 3MB download). Only WIN32 version at the moment, but OSX and Linux ports will be available when finished.



Road Fighter
Road Fighter Remake (Last updated 10-00-2003)

This is the remake of another Konami classic: Road Fighter. This remake was created to enter in the Retro Remakes competition 2003, and finished in 7th place out of 83 contestants. You can download the full version. (about 6MB download). Win32 and LINUX versions.



Nether Earth
Nether Earth remake (Last updated 12-5-2005)

This is the remake of the very first real-time strategy game. It has some extended features as saving game to the hard disc, or being able to play with different scenarios. You can download the full version (under 1MB download). Win32, LINUX and Mac OSX versions!



Maze of Galious
The Maze of Galious remake (Last updated: April-12-2008)

This is the remake of one of the best games ever. The Maze of Galious for MSX from KONAMI. Maze of Galius is a platform game, where you will have to travel through 10 worlds killing the big demon of each world to bring peace again to your country. (about 30B download that includes several graphic and music sets)


STATUS: COMPLETE (only needs some bugfixing)

Super Transball 2

Super Transball 2 (Last updated: 16-04-2005)

Super Transball 2 is a Thrust like game. It is inspired in Zara Thrusta for the Amiga 500, is a small (under 1MB), but very adictive game, try it! Win32 and Mac OS X precompiled versions + source code compilable on Win/Mac/LINUX!

For a NOKIA 7650/3650/N-Gage version, go to the WildPalm's webpage here

Now, from version 1.4 you can create your own levels!!!!




Extra downloads:

Mac OS X Frameworks:
These are the frameworks needed to run the Mac OS X version of some of the games in this page.
SDL framework SIT
SDL_image framework SIT
SDL_mixer framework SIT
SDL_net framework SIT
SDL_sound framework SIT
SDL_ttf framework SIT

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